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Are You Satisfied With the Appearance of Your Smile?

September 7, 2020
Posted By: Elk Grove Smile Center

Are misaligned teeth keeping you from smiling your best smile? Maybe you have gaps and spaces between your teeth? Or perhaps they overlap? 

Whatever the case may be for you, crooked teeth might cause you to feel embarrassed about your smile, but you should know there are solutions. You can enjoy the benefits of a straighter smile without having to spend years wearing braces. In fact, Six Month Braces in Elk Grove Village can get the job done in a matter of months. Here's how it works.

Six Month Braces Move Quickly and With Discretion

Six Month Braces uses specially designed brackets and wires to move teeth efficiently. These braces are tooth-colored, so they blend with your smile and are virtually invisible.

This orthodontic system is designed to focus specifically on the front teeth that you see when you smile, which is why you can complete treatment in a matter of months. So if you face more complex bite issues, this may not be the right treatment for your needs.

Should I Straighten My Teeth?

The benefits of having straighter teeth impact more than just your self-esteem. Teeth that are correctly aligned are more comfortable to brush and floss, which reduces your risk of developing problems like tooth decay or gum disease.

Learn What Is Possible for Your Smile

Dr. Vishal Advani offers different types of orthodontic treatment, including Six Month Braces at our dental office in Elk Grove Village, IL. During an evaluation, he can determine which type of orthodontic treatment will best help you achieve your smile goals. He can guide you through the process from start to finish, while also monitoring your dental throughout the process.

From traditional braces to invisible braces with Invisalign, Dr. Advani can help you achieve the straighter, more beautiful smile you want. Contact Elk Grove Smile Center today at (847) 437-3250 to schedule your smile evaluation.