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All On 4 Dental Implants: Which Implant Option Is Right for You?

October 30, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani

All On 4 Dental Implants: Which Implant Option Is Right for You?


When you're missing teeth, it can make eating and smiling difficult. Thankfully, there are several options available to help restore your oral health and functionality. One of the most common procedures is dental implants. If you're looking for a new smile with minimal disruption to your life and budget, implant dentistry is the right choice.


When are dental implants necessary?

For a dental implant, you need to have some teeth that are strong enough to hold the implant in place. If you have failing teeth, this might not be an option. If you have missing teeth and want to improve your smile and oral health, then dental implants are the way to go!





Dental implants are also a good choice if:

  • You lost many of your natural teeth due to disease or injury
  • You wear dentures but hate them because they don't fit properly or cause pain due to ill-fitting dentures?


What is the All on 4 treatment method?

  • All on 4 is a dental implant that can replace all missing teeth.
  • It is only an option for some, but it can be a great solution for good candidates.


What Is the All-on-4 Procedure Like?

The All-on-4 procedure is a four-hour surgery that's done in two stages. The first stage, the dental implant surgery, involves placing four implants in your upper or lower jaw. Each of these implants should be placed right under your gum line to provide adequate support for whatever teeth you decide to have attached to them later.


The second stage is when your current teeth are removed and replaced with a prosthetic denture (or any other kind of prosthetic). Depending on what works best, you can choose either the fixed option or the removable dentures. If this sounds like something worth considering, read on!


What are the advantages of using All-On-4 dental implants?

  • They help you eat and speak normally.
  • They help you avoid the need for dentures.
  • They help you avoid the need for a jawbone graft (when implanted in healthy tissue).
  • They help you avoid further surgery when the process is done correctly.
  • They are a permanent teeth replacement treatment.


What is the approximate cost of all four dental implants?

The cost of a single dental implant depends on where you live, how many teeth your dentist replaces, and how much your dentist charges. The average cost for a single dental implant and crown is approximately $3,000 to $5,000.  The average cost for an all-on-four treatment plan (4-6 implants and permanent zirconia bridge) an average of $20,000-25,000 in the Chicagoland area.  Our cost at Elk Grove Smile Center is $18,000-19,000 since we are able to complete all steps at our one location. 


All-on-4 dental implants might be a good option for you.


  • Dental implants have been shown to last at least 30 years with proper care. In addition, it means fewer visits to the dentist over time and fewer expenses than other treatment options, such as bridges and partial dentures, would require over the same period!


  • Dental implants are different from other kinds of dental work. Dental implants don't need surgery after application; they are placed in the jaw to hold tooth replacements tightly. They are placed directly into healthy gums without damaging them further by drilling into them first (a common practice when placing traditional dental prosthetics).



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