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What Can You Expect at Your Teeth Whitening Appointment?

July 11, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani
teeth whitening elk grove village

One of the most popular services we provide is teeth whitening at our Elk Grove Village dental office. People are often amazed at the impressive results that are possible with professional whitening kits.

Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional products include customized trays and professional-strength whitening gel. This gel penetrates into your enamel to loosen and remove tough stains. Over-the-counter products typically focus on surface stains, which means that deeper stains can remain to mar your smile.

If you would like to try professional teeth whitening, let us know! We’ll schedule an appointment so you can discuss your goals with Dr. Advani and determine whether this treatment is right for you.

Your whitening appointment will include:

  1. A cleaning – We recommend a professional cleaning before whitening your teeth to ensure that no plaque or tartar build-up on your teeth can affect your results.
  2. Impressions – We create your customized trays from actual impressions of your teeth. This means that your whitening trays will fit your teeth perfectly, keeping the gel where it belongs and away from sensitive soft tissue like your gums and lips.
  3. Product selection – Dr. Advani will choose the product strength that will meet your needs, taking into account factors like tooth sensitivity.
  4. Before shades – We’ll check the shade of your teeth both before and after your whitening treatment is complete so you can really see the difference!
  5. Instruction – Dr. Advani will go over all the parts of your kit and provide you with detailed instructions about its use. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our office!

Professional Teeth Whitening Elk Grove Village 

Once your whitening is complete, return to our office so we can check your results and set up a maintenance plan so that you can have a bright, youthful smile for life!

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