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Top 5 Foods and Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

October 14, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani
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Is your smile less bright than it used to be?

Many of our favorite foods and drinks contribute to stains on our teeth, causing us to look older than we are and lose confidence in our appearance.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with it! Limiting the foods and drinks that are most likely to cause stains will help, but you can also call us to learn more about professional teeth whitening at our Elk Grove Village dental office.

Foods and Drinks That Stain

  1. Coffee – This is the big one! So many of us rely on our morning cup of coffee to get going, but coffee is notorious for causing dark stains on teeth. We’re not asking you to give up your dark roast, but try to brush your teeth or at least rinse with water after you’re done.
  2. Red Wine – Dark wines are also common culprits when it comes to staining. Like coffee, wine is acidic, which makes it easier for the pigments to penetrate your enamel. Limit the amount of wine you drink or consider switching to white wine.
  3. Tomato Sauce – From pasta to chili, so many of our favorite foods depend on rich, savory tomato sauce! Tomatoes are another darkly colored acidic food that easily stains teeth, especially if you eat them frequently. One surprising solution is to enjoy a salad of dark green vegetables, like kale or spinach, which create a film over the teeth that actually protects your enamel from the tomato. Rinse or brush after your meal.
  4. Curry – Spicy curry has rich pigmentation that is known to make teeth look yellowish if it is enjoyed frequently. Rinse well after eating curry-based dishes and mix it with other veggies that help prevent stains, like carrots and cauliflower.
  5. Berries – Deeply colored berries, like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, contain plenty of antioxidant compounds that are good for you, but they can, unfortunately, cause dark stains on your teeth. Berries also come in many forms, from fresh off the bush to juices, jellies, and syrups. While we certainly don’t endorse removing healthy berries from your diet, limit their more sugary forms (particularly juices and syrups) and make sure to rinse well afterward. Milk can help neutralize the acid of berries and strengthen your teeth.

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