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Maintaining Your Freshly Whitened Teeth!

April 22, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani
Teeth whitening | Elk Grove Smile Center | Elk Grove Village, IL

Getting your teeth professionally whitened can be an exciting experience. A beautiful, young looking smile is an excellent asset for any person! 

For many of us, over time our teeth can start looking yellow, stained, or dull. At the dental office of Elk Grove Smile Center, we offer professional teeth whitening to polish your smile and restore its brilliance. If you are in Elk Grove Village, IL and just got your teeth whitened, read on for a few tips on how to maintain it. 

Learn about Teeth Whitening in Elk Grove, IL 

Discoloration of your smile over the years can be due to several things, such as:

  • Coffee
  • Dark tea
  • WIne (both red and white)
  • Cigarettes
  • Dark staining food
  • Medications
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Natural aging process

These are the most common factors that contribute to enamel staining. Other than altogether avoiding some foods and beverages, you can reverse the discoloration process through teeth whitening. 

Keeping Your Teeth White and Fresh

While teeth whitening isn’t permanent, there are some things you can do to keep them as brilliant as possible. 

Brushing and flossing regularly: This should be part of everyone’s daily routine for oral health purposes. Using a soft bristled brush, keep brushing for two minutes to clean the surfaces of each tooth thoroughly. 

Limiting certain foods and drinks: The same culprits that caused the stains in the first place will be there to re-stain your teeth. While we appreciate how delicious coffee and wine are; the more you drink, the quicker your teeth whitening will fade. If you have some beverages or dark foods, drinking a glass of water or brushing right after can wash away sugars and acids that can eat at your enamel.

Limiting cigarettes: Ideally, getting your teeth to sparkle might be an incentive to quit smoking. Aside from well-known health issues associated with smoking; the tar and smoke are one of the biggest reasons teeth yellow and stain. 

Maintain Regular Whitening Procedures

Our patients in Elk Grove Village, IL can treat themselves to teeth whitening touch-ups to keep their pearly whites shining. If you are interested in having a beautiful, younger-looking smile, please give our dental office a call to schedule teeth whitening appointment.