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How long do dental bridges last?

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A dental bridge fills in the gap left behind by missing teeth and prevents the surrounding teeth from shifting. With proper care, your dental bridge can last for up to a decade—or even longer. It’s difficult to answer the question precisely since every patient who has a dental bridge is different.

There are many things our patients in Elk Grove Village, IL can do to ensure their dental bridges last as long as possible. One of the main things patients can do is to avoid foods that might put any stress on their dental bridge. For example, hard or chewy candy can put a lot of pressure on dental bridges.

A healthy diet that is high in fruit, vegetables, and fiber is good for oral and overall health. Avoiding sugary and starchy foods can help keep dental decay at bay.

Taking good care of your dental bridge by brushing and flossing regularly will also help protect your bridge and your remaining healthy teeth. Many dentists recommend a floss threader, which can get floss under the bridge to remove food that might be trapped there.

Visiting your dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings is another important part of making sure your bridge lasts as long as possible.

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