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What is a cosmetic dentist?

cosmetic dentist elk grove | elk grove village cosmetic dentist While many dentists refer to themselves as “cosmetic dentists,” cosmetic dentistry is not a dental specialty in the way that pediatric dentistry or endodontics is. If you are seeking a cosmetic dental procedure, your best bet is to look for a dentist with skill, experience, and results.

Dr. Vishal Advani is Skilled in Cosmetic Dentistry

In Elk Grove Village, you can trust Dr. Vishal Advani to perform a range of aesthetic dental techniques with precision and an eye for artistry. Many factors go into making your smile look beautiful and natural. When consulting with you and discussing the improvements you’d like to make to your smile, Dr. Advani will take these into account, carefully considering the size of your mouth, the natural shape of your teeth, the shape of your face, and your coloration and skin tone.

Dr. Advani takes many hours of continuing education every year to stay up to date on the latest techniques of both general and cosmetic dentistry. He knows how to combine techniques to improve both your appearance and your overall health.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You? 

Do you think of cosmetic dentistry as something that’s just for “vain people”? This is a common misconception. Everyone deserves to have a smile that looks nice. Think about it – what’s one of the very first things you notice when you meet someone? Probably their smile! What’s yours saying about you?  

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