Elk Grove Smile Center

What do I do if I need an emergency dentist?

emergency dental care elk grove village	Dental emergencies are a fact of life, and we’ve set our schedule to be able to accommodate most emergencies promptly – usually on the same day.

Call Us For a Dental Emergency

If you are having a dental emergency during regular office hours, simply call our Elk Grove Village dental office and tell the receptionist that you are having an emergency. Our receptionist is trained to ask the correct questions so that we can determine how quickly you need to be seen. In most cases, we can get you in that very same day.

If your emergency occurs after hours, call our regular number and you will be given further instructions. We can help you stay comfortable until the office opens in the morning or we may determine that it would be best for you to go to the emergency room.

Your Treatment is Our Priority

Our priority when treating an emergency is to relieve pain and prevent further damage. This may mean performing a root canal or extracting a tooth that is damaged beyond repair. Before we perform any treatment – even emergency treatment – we will discuss your options with you and let you know our recommendation and why we are making that recommendation. The final decision, however, is always in your hands.

Once the immediate issue is treated, we will plan for any necessary further treatment, which may include a dental crown or other restoration.