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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Extractions Including Wisdom Teeth

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At our dental office, we empower our patients to take charge of their own dental care and treat them as a valued member of their dental team. Effective education and understanding of the dental procedures and treatments we recommend is a part of that.

We encourage and welcome questions. Take a look at this selection of questions our patients ask often. If your question is not answered here, please give us a call or contact us online, and we will be happy to help you.

Dental Extractions Including Wisdom Teeth

wisdom tooth extractions elk grove village Thanks to improvements in dental techniques and technology and better anesthetic options, you are unlikely to feel anything during the actual extraction process except for some pressure. You may feel some discomfort following the extraction as the anesthetic wears off, but we are happy to provide you with medication to ease this discomfort.

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For more information about dental extractions, please call our office for an examination with Dr. Vishal Advani.

tooth extraction elk grove village ilFor some lucky people, wisdom teeth come in easily and comfortably with very little fuss. If you are one of these people, congratulations! You get to keep your wisdom teeth!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

For many others, however, the process is not so simple. As humans, our bodies are constantly adapting. As our diets changed over the millennia, so have the shapes of our jaws. Today, many of us have jaws that are much smaller than that of our early ancestors – and this means that our wisdom teeth no longer fit comfortably.

What happens instead is that the wisdom teeth may attempt to come in and get “stuck.” As dentists, we call this condition impaction.

Teeth can be partially impacted, which occurs when the tooth breaks through the surface of the gums but doesn’t fully emerge. This condition is associated with swelling and discomfort in the gums and can also leave you more prone to periodontal infections.

Teeth may also be fully impacted. When this happens, the tooth doesn’t break the surface at all and remains lodged in the jaw. This can lead to pressure on your other teeth, changes in bite alignment, and an increased risk of decay.

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Dr. Advani can check the condition of your wisdom teeth and determine whether extraction is the right choice for you. 

A common question that we get asked here at Elk Grove Smile Center is "should I remove all 4 wisdom teeth at once?". 

Dr. Vishal Advani recommends removing all four wisdom teeth at one time because the recovery is done all at one time.  It's much easier to have to go through the numbing and procedure and healing period once, rather than doing it in multiple visits.  The recovery period after an extraction or multiple extractions is typically 3-10 days.  Most patients are back to school or work the next day or 2 days later.  Removing more than one tooth at a time not only makes the procedure easier for you, but you also don't have to take as much time off. 

Scheduling Your Appointment

If you are still unsure about getting your wisdom teeth out, please call our office and one of our caring staff would love to talk you through the procedure!

The best time to remove your wisdom teeth is between the ages of 15-21.  Wisdom teeth aren't fully formed at this age and thus the tooth is smaller and easier to remove. wisdom tooth removal elk grove village il At this age, the bone isn't as dense in this area, which also makes the teeth easier to remove.  Recovery after the procedure is a lot easier at this age as well, since the teeth are easier to remove.  Healing is a lot easier and that's the main reason Dr. Advani recommends removing teeth at this age. 

Scheduling Your Appointment

It's best to schedule your wisdom tooth removal during a school break and no time will be missed from school. Make your appointment right here in Elk Grove Village today!

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