Minimal Oral Sedation in Elk Grove Village

At Elk Grove Smile Center, we take dental anxiety seriously. We know that for some people, even the thought of going to the dentist is nerve-racking and stressful.

We don’t ever want you to avoid visiting the dentist because of dental anxiety, and that’s why we offer minimal oral sedation. This mild-to-moderate form of sedation dentistry is convenient, safe, and effective, allowing you to stay awake but relaxed during your procedure.

Minimal oral sedation isn’t just for helping you relax during your dental treatment, however. People with certain medical conditions or who will be in the dental chair for several hours can also benefit from minimal oral sedation.

The following frequently asked questions will help you learn more about minimal oral sedation. Don’t hesitate to call our office at (847) 437-3250 to schedule a consultation with your trusted Elk Grove Village dentist, Dr. Vishal Advani.

How can minimal oral sedation dentistry help me?

If you feel anxious before and during dental visits, you might avoid the dentist altogether. Or maybe the thought of a long but necessary appointment causes you a lot of stress and anxiety.

Dental anxiety is common among all ages, and it’s no fun! That’s why we offer minimal oral sedation at our Elk Grove Village dental office. Combined with Dr. Advani’s compassionate and caring approach, the mild oral sedative will help relax you safely while we take care of your teeth.

Minimal oral sedation (also called conscious sedation) is a prescription tablet that you take before your procedure. You’ll feel relaxed while we work but still awake and responsive to our questions. Most patients do not remember much of their procedure and may even fall asleep during the visit.

When would minimal oral sedation help me?

dental patient receiving exam | oral surgery elk grove village ilElk Grove Smile Center takes pride in our compassionate approach. Dr. Advani believes in educating patients about their options and giving them all the tools for success.

Dental anxiety. If you’re nervous about a dental procedure, you have the option of taking advantage of minimal oral sedation. Just let us know ahead of time and we will prescribe the medication before your visit.

Longer dental procedures. While we try not to keep you any longer than necessary, certain procedures do require more time than a simple dental cleaning or exam. If you need any of these treatments, ask us about minimal oral sedation:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Tooth filling
  • Tooth extraction
  • Root canal therapy
  • Multiple treatments in one appointment
  • Lengthy procedures

Health or medical concerns. Minimal oral sedation can help you if you have any of these conditions:

  • Strong gag reflex
  • Extreme teeth sensitivity
  • Tremor caused by a medical condition
  • Low pain tolerance

What can I expect with minimal oral sedation?

Minimal oral sedation is a safe and effective way to reduce anxiety and to make your dental visit more relaxing. We call this sedative “minimal” because although your cognition may be affected slightly, the medication will not affect your cardiovascular or ventilatory systems at all. You will simply have a lowered level of consciousness so that you don’t feel restless or anxious during your procedure. You will still be able to answer questions, follow instructions, walk, or use the restroom.

Dr. Advani understands that having dental procedures can be challenging for some patients, and he takes his time to explain what will happen at the office before starting any treatment.

We will prescribe a mild oral sedative, which is 1 pill that you take 1 hour prior to your dental appointment. We do require that you arrange to have someone drive you home after your procedure, as you may still be a little drowsy.

Once the sedative takes effect, we’ll begin your procedure. It will be done before you know it!

If you suffer from dental anxiety, call us to schedule a consultation with your Elk Grove Village dentist. Dr. Advani will evaluate your health history and other factors to determine whether you’re a good candidate for minimal oral sedation.

What should I do if I’m nervous about visiting the dentist?

We are an empathetic, compassionate dental practice that is committed to giving you a relaxing, stress-free experience.

The first step is to call our Elk Village dental office to schedule a consultation. Let us know that you’d like to learn more about oral sedation for your procedure, and Dr. Advani will be happy to discuss it with you. He will also check your overall health history to make sure you’re a good candidate.


Can minimal oral sedation benefit me if I don’t have dental anxiety?

woman with brown hair smiling | dentist elk grove village ilSome patients choose minimal oral sedation not because they’re nervous, but because of a medical condition or other reason. Sedation can:

  • Help reduce dental chair fatigue during long procedures
  • Prevent an overactive gag reflex
  • Allow us to perform multiple or longer procedures safely
  • Work around a tremor

Dr. Advani, your trusted Elk Grove Village dentist, has specialized knowledge and experience with minimal oral sedation. Whatever the reason for your visit, we’re committed to helping you feel more at ease during your dental treatments.

How long does minimal oral sedation last?

Most patients feel less groggy within a couple of hours after taking minimal oral sedation. Since everyone has a unique response and health history, this may take longer for some people.

You will be required to bring a friend or family member to drive you home, as you will still feel sleepy after your procedure. No matter what, you’ll be back to your usual activities within 24 hours.

Call Your Elk Grove Village Dentist to Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about minimal oral sedation, call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Advani. We will be happy to discuss your concerns and help you decide if sedation dentistry would benefit you.