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Minimal Oral Sedation in Elk Grove Village

minimal oral sedation elk grove village ilFor many patients, the idea of visiting the dentist is nerve racking and difficult.  Many people have had bad experiences with the dentist in the past and that naturally makes them nervous to see the dentist again.  Dr. Advani understands that visiting the dentist's office can be hard and takes his time to explain what will happen at the office before any procedure is done.  He is very compassionate and accommodating to patients' needs, which allows the visit to go much more smoothly.

How Oral Sedation Can Help

Dr. Advani also offers Minimal Oral Sedation as an option for patient's who are very nervous about their visit.  Minimal Oral Sedation is a safe, easy and effective way to reduce anxiety and to make the dental visit more relaxing.  It involves a prescription tablet that you take before your visit. The mild oral sedative will help relax you and most patients will typically not remember much of the procedure and will usually fall asleep during the visit.  

Call Your Elk Grove Village Dentist 

Minimal Oral Sedation is completely safe and risk-free.  You will only be asked to have someone drive you to your appointment and to drive you home.  Minimal Oral Sedation is best for patients who are having long dental visits involving a lot of work and patients who are having surgeries, such as the removal of all four wisdom teeth or the placement of multiple Implants.  Talk to Dr. Advani and his staff is you are interested in learning more about this option for your next visit