Implant-Supported Teeth (All-on-4) in Elk Grove Village, IL

When you’re missing multiple teeth or even all of your teeth, you face many lifestyle issues. Missing teeth may affect your speech, and you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. Eating can also be a challenge as it is hard to maintain a healthy diet when you can only eat soft foods. Unfortunately, many of us take our teeth for granted without even realizing how often we use them every day! 

If you are missing teeth in Elk Grove, you may be wondering what your replacement options are. Luckily, thanks to modern dental advancements, it has never been easier to replace a missing tooth. 

In the past, the only solution to missing teeth was dentures. As most people know, there are some drawbacks to wearing dentures. For example, many patients feel uncomfortable talking at first. And it does take time to learn how to eat many regular foods because the dentures can sometimes slip or move around when chewing. There is also a learning curve to getting used to having the full denture plate in your mouth.

Because ordinary dentures can sometimes cause problems for patients, dentists have been hard at work for decades developing alternative treatment options. The modern dentures that are available today are better, stronger, and more reliable than the dentures that preceded them. 

As a dental patient today, you have far more options available to you than ever before. If you need missing teeth replaced, our Elk Grove dentist has multiple treatments that you can choose. To learn more about your different options such as All-on-4, keep reading below!

Dental Implants: Another Option for Denture Wearers

If you do decide to move forward with getting dentures, there are ways to make the dentures more stable and secure. 

Dental implants can provide extra support for your denture, which allows for a more comfortable fit. Implant-supported dentures can alleviate denture movement when chewing by anchoring the denture on each side of the jaw. This anchoring, in turn, can help you get used to your denture more quickly and improve your health by allowing you to eat healthily.

How is this accomplished?

Dr. Advani will carefully place dental implants on each side of your jaw. After healing, which can vary based on several factors, the denture is fitted so that it snaps into place with the implants acting as the anchors. This allows for a very secure fit while patients are still able to remove the denture for cleaning. Patients with implant-supported dentures tend to adjust to talking and eating with their appliance more quickly.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Candidates For Implant-Supported Teeth

Are you wondering if you are a good candidate for implant-supported teeth? Implant-supported teeth are not for everyone. You must have enough healthy jawbone to support successful implants. It’s also essential to keep up with your oral health and have regular denture checks. Doing this helps Dr. Advani ensure that your implants are healthy and your denture/teeth/bridge fits correctly.

If you have multiple missing teeth, don’t wait any longer to learn about your replacement options. You owe it to yourself to contact our office today, schedule a consult with Dr. Advani, and determine if implant-supported dentures may be the right option for you!

The All-on-4 Treatment Method

The All-on-4 or Teeth-in-a-Day procedure is a precise surgical technique where broken and loose are removed in one day. And your dentist places four to six dental implants. After tooth removal and implant placement, a denture or bridge is attached to the implants the same day.  

The new set of teeth is screwed down and doesn't have to be taken in and out as dentures do. They're permanently attached. This dental implant method in Elks Grove Village also provides similar stability compared with natural teeth and single dental implants--minus the wait! You can leave our dental office with your new smile.

Dr. Advani offers his dental patients the chance to treat with All-on-4 dental implants in Elk Grove Village, Itasca, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Wood Dale, Mount Prospect, and Chicago. All-on-4 or Teeth-in-a-Day are artificial teeth/bridges that are supported by implants. Because All-on-4 dental devices have a unique design, our dentist can also surgically place them in areas of the mouth that have little remaining bone. If you need a permanent and long-term tooth replacement solution, the All-on-4 treatment method may be right for you!

Dr. Vishal Advani is very skilled at the All-on-4 placement procedure and has performed this procedure for many patients. If you're interested in Teeth-in-a-Day in Elk Grove, Dr. Advani will first take a CT scan of your mouth and review the process with you in detail. 


Benefits of Using All-on-4 Dental Implants

There are many benefits of All-on-4 dental implants. Some of the most significant benefits include: 

  • Easy to take care of your implants and your oral hygiene
  • Quick post-placement recovery time
  • No dietary restrictions 
  • Permanent and long-term results 
  • Improved quality of life
  • Restored ability to speak properly
  • Available for patients with thinner jawbone 

The total cost for extractions, bone grafts, four implants and the same-day placement of the new teeth/temporary affixed bridge and permanent bridge is $17,500 to $18,500 for the upper OR lower teeth/jaw. This price includes all steps, from start to finish. 


Dr. Advani will complete all the steps in one location. We offer this discounted price because we complete the work in our dental office. Are you ready to get started? Give us a call today at (847) 437-3250!  

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