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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

Patients are often afraid to schedule their much-needed root canal treatment because they’re nervous about having root canal therapy. They’ve often heard the rumor that root canal treatment is excruciating, which is, fortunately for our patients, not the case.

In our Elk Grove Village dental office, we offer gentle root canal treatments using advanced dental technologies and techniques that make the procedure comfortable for our patients.

We perform root canal treatment quickly and efficiently, and patients actually experience less pain after the procedure due to eliminating the infection. 

Root canal treatments are excellent for many of our patients because they allow us to save teeth that would otherwise require extraction, so you shouldn’t fear root canal treatment. 

What If I’m Still Scared?

If you still feel nervous about receiving root canal therapy, please discuss your fears with Dr. Vishal Advani at Elk Grove Smile Center. He may recommend minimal oral sedation to help you relax during the procedure so that you feel calmer about receiving the dental care you need.
We never want our patients to fear their dental care, which is necessary for their oral health, so we will do whatever we can to make your treatment pleasant.

Root Canal Treatment in Elk Grove Village

If you need root canal therapy in the Elk Grove Village, you have found a gentle, thorough dentist. Reach out to our friendly team today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Advani.

Many people falsely believe that root canal treatment is painful. It is, in fact, the root infection deep in your tooth that is causing the discomfort. Your root canal treatment relieves this pain and restores your tooth to health.

Signs you need a root canal in Elks Grove Village include:

  • Toothache or a sensitive tooth
  • Jaw pain or a blister on the gum
  • Discolored tooth

If you notice any of these symptoms, we encourage you to contact your Elks Grove Village dentist as soon as possible for a true diagnosis and treatment. Tooth sensitivity and pain can increase fairly quickly, which means a dental emergency for you.

The treatment for a root infection or tooth trauma starts with a numbing agent to keep you comfortable during the procedure. While the site is anesthetized, your dentist removes the infected tissue from a small hole in your tooth, fills it with a healing agent, and seals it with a temporary filling. At a follow-up visit, we provide a permanent filling or a dental crown—depending on the tooth's stability.

To lower your risks for root infection, visit your Elks Grove Village dentist regularly for exams and teeth cleanings. And be sure to brush and floss twice daily.

For a Gentle Root Canal in Elks Grove Village, Contact Us

We are always here to help ease your discomfort and treat your tooth.

root canal elk grove village Root Canal Therapy

If the root canal of your tooth is infected or injured, root canal therapy may be the only way to save your tooth and prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. Despite the bad reputation of the root canal, the actual procedure is not painful. If you are worried about discomfort, talk to Dr. Advani. We have options available to make you more comfortable, including nitrous oxide.


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