Pediatric Dentistry in Elk Grove Village, IL

Are you looking for children’s dentistry in Elk Grove Village, IL?

In our dental office, we enjoy treating families, and we love introducing children to dental care—keeping it fun, result-driven, and positive.  

Getting your kids off to a great start with an excellent dental professional who treats children is one of the best gifts you can ever give them. Learning good oral hygiene self-care will translate into good self-care habits throughout their lives as they grow into happy and healthy adults.

You’re busy, and we understand that. We can help simplify your life by seeing your entire family in the same dental office. When you can arrange back-to-back check-ups for your entire family, it means fewer appointments to keep track of and less running around that you have to do.

If you would like to schedule an exam for your child, or exams for the entire family, contact our dental office today.

Meanwhile, read through the questions below to learn more about our dentistry for kids in Elk Grove Village, IL.

When should my child see the dentist?

Typically, we see children around the time of their first tooth eruption or near their first birthday. These early appointments are designed to acclimate your child to the dental office. We always want him or her to feel comfortable in a dental setting.

We may count teeth, give them a ride in the dental chair, have a look in their mouth. At this stage, your child’s dentist in Elk Grove Village wants to see that teeth are coming in correctly, that emerging teeth are healthy, and that there are no issues that will negatively influence oral health in the future—including twisted or crooked teeth.  

As your child becomes more accustomed to the dental office, we will add more services—including age-appropriate preventive and general care treatments as your child grows.

We also take time to answer your questions and address your concerns at each appointment or if you have questions between dental visits. A member of our team can provide at-home tips for brushing and flossing, including how to clean your child’s teeth, and when it is okay to allow him or her to brush and floss without assistance.

It is always our goal to keep your child’s smile healthy and instill excellent oral health habits that can last a lifetime.

Are baby teeth important?

Your children are just going to lose those baby teeth anyway. Is it really that important to keep them healthy?

The truth is baby teeth serve several important functions that affect your child’s oral health as well as his or her overall health and development. Your child’s baby teeth aid in the transition from liquid food to solids, allowing for proper chewing as he or she begins eating a variety of foods. Baby teeth are also vital in speech development. Children with dental problems may learn bad speech habits that may require speech therapy to correct later on.

Your child’s baby teeth also serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth that will start coming in around the time your child starts first grade. If your child loses his or her baby teeth too early because of injury or damage caused by decay, the other teeth may shift slightly to compensate. When the permanent teeth start coming in, your child will experience problems with crowding as well as twisted or overlapping teeth. These problems may lead to expensive orthodontic treatment in the teenage years.

How can you help my child feel relaxed?

It is always our goal to make sure your child enjoys his or her time at the dentist. This means our dental team works hard to create a pleasant atmosphere built on trust. We have found that children who trust their environment feel more at ease, which also promotes better dental habits into adulthood.

We also explain the dental instruments when necessary—and the role they play in oral health. If your child has questions, we take the time to answer and explain further. Our team is good with children, and we think you’ll be pleased.

Additionally, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for children who need a little extra. We administer this safe gas through a small nasal mask. It promotes a relaxed and dreamy feeling that allows your child to feel comfortable and the dentist to complete services.

If ever we can do anything to make your child feel more at ease, we encourage your input.

What types of dental services do you offer for kids?

Our goal is to provide preventive care and treatments to keep your child’s teeth, both baby and permanent, in great shape and free from cavities and other dental problems. We will work with you and your child to teach you proper brushing and flossing habits and help guide you in knowing when your child still needs assistance and when he or she is old enough to brush and floss independently.

We will also discuss topics like your child’s diet to see where improvements can be made to add more mineral-rich foods to promote healthy teeth and bone development. If your child has common childhood dental issues like thumb sucking, we will work with you to create a treatment plan to deal with these problems. We can also discuss preventive care treatments like fluoride supplementation and sealants to protect your child’s teeth from cavities and decay.

As your child ages, we also offer professional teeth cleanings, dental fillings if a cavity develops, and other specific treatments based on need.

Your dentist in Elk Grove Village understands that preventive dentistry today helps prevent the dental health issues of tomorrow. For this reason, we recommend twice-yearly dental exams and periodic x-rays. We also suggest two teeth cleanings per year for older kids. These services help lower risks for cavities and future dental health issues.

Do you treat dental emergencies for kids?

Our office also offers emergency treatment because we know that kids are kids and accidents happen. If your child is experiencing pain in the teeth, jaws, or gums, or if a tooth is damaged or knocked-out, call us immediately so we can get you into the office on the very same day to fix the problem and relieve your child’s pain.

If your child plays sports, make sure he or she is fitted with the proper mouthguard to help prevent traumatic injuries.

If your child’s tooth is knocked out during play, collect the tooth, keep it in milk or warm water, and bring it with you to your emergency dental appointment. With timely intervention, it is possible to save the tooth.

Dr. Advani is also skilled in the use of nitrous oxide, a safe and reliable mild sedation method that will help your child relax and not feel any pain during his or her dental treatment.

Are You Looking for Dentistry for Your Children in Elk Grove Village, IL?

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