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4 Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Smile Healthy and Bright

June 7, 2021
Posted By: Elk Grove Smile Center

Many parents struggle with getting their child to brush their teeth consistently, and they ask us, “How can I get my kids to brush their teeth?” But the answer is simple: make it fun! When you make brushing and flossing fun for your kid, they will no longer feel like it’s a chore, and they’ll be more likely to carry those healthy habits into adulthood. 

Dr. Vishal Advani has several safe and creative ways to get your child proactive and excited about their oral health. 

Here are four of Dr. Advani’s tips for helping your child take care of their teeth and gums.

#1 Use kid-friendly toothbrushes. 

Let your child choose their own soft-bristled toothbrush. Perhaps it’s one with their favorite movie character, magical creature, or superhero; or maybe it plays a tune and lights up when they brush their teeth. The key is to help them create healthy habits they can carry into adulthood. Toothbrushes with large handles may also be easier for them to hold and maneuver around their mouths. 

#2 Try flavored toothpaste. 

You may also consider getting your child a kid-friendly toothpaste flavored like bubble gum or strawberry. Most kids don’t like the taste of toothpaste, which can deter them from wanting to brush their teeth. 

It’s important to note that children of certain ages should limit their use of fluoride. For example, children ages three to six should only use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is because children can easily swallow toothpaste, but as they get older, they can expel it on their own. 

#3 Floss like a boss. 

Flossing dislodges food particles, helps keep away cavities, and strengthens the gums. Flossing regularly also helps with bad breath. According to Stanford Children's Health, parents should begin flossing their child’s teeth when two of their teeth start to touch. Be sure to help your child floss in all the tiny nooks and crannies of their mouth until they can floss on their own. 

#4 Bring your child to Elk Grove Smile Center for regular dental visits. 

Our team at Elk Grove Smile Center wants to help your child achieve a healthier smile with gentle, twice-yearly dental cleanings. During our dental check-ups, we:

  • Take safe, digital dental x-rays. 
  • Check for cavities, gum disease, and any other oral health risks. 
  • Clean and polish teeth. 
  • Apply sealants or fluoride treatment, if needed. 
  • Review healthy, at-home habits and oral health goals. 

One of the cornerstones of our practice is to encourage children and their parents to use good oral hygiene at home and practice other healthy habits, like eating well and avoiding sugary foods. At Elk Grove Smile Center, we make every visit to our office fun and exciting so your family can receive exceptional care in a comfortable setting. 

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We look forward to welcoming your family to our Elk Grove Village dental office! Our patients lead active lives—from baseball practice and music class to being involved with Scouts. Our team happily accommodates your family’s busy schedule, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s dental care. 

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