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The Adavantages of Choosing Dental Implants to Replace a Missing Tooth

September 17, 2020
Posted By: Elk Grove Smile Center

Tooth loss takes a toll on your daily life in many ways. Eating the foods you love becomes challenging when you can't chew your food with ease. Interacting with other people might feel embarrassing if you worry about the appearance of your teeth. You may not even realize that there are also things happening with your oral health when you lose one or more of your teeth.

Tooth loss leads to bone loss without a root to support. Your bone begins to deteriorate, which eliminates stability for your surrounding teeth. Meanwhile, your healthy teeth begin to drift into the open spaces causing tooth misalignment. All of this can be problematic for your smile and your dental health.

Dental implants in Elk Grove Village offer a natural-looking solution for your smile and protection for your oral health by replacing both your root and your tooth. Here are some additional advantages to choosing dental implants to replace a tooth.

Dental Implants Closely Mimic Your Natural Tooth

With a new root and tooth in place, you'll be able to eat all the foods you enjoyed before. You'll also have no trouble brushing and flossing your teeth just like you were used to doing before you lost your tooth.

We typically complete a dental implant with an aesthetically pleasing porcelain crown, so it blends flawlessly with your smile.

Dental Implants Are a Smart Investment in Your Smile

Because tooth implants have the potential to last for a lifetime, they are a wise investment for your smile. Implants are also a very reliable procedure with a 95 percent success rate.

Tooth replacement choices like a dental bridge or denture will likely have to be replaced over time, making dental implants a more cost-effective alternative for many people.

If you are considering tooth implants in Elk Grove Village to restore your smile, we invite you to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Vishal Advani to learn more about how we can help restore your smile.