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What to Consider When DIY Braces Are on Your Mind

February 15, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani
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There is a dental craze sweeping the nations that indeed sounds crazy: do-it-yourself braces. The trend is so disturbing and rampant that the American Association of Orthodontists has even posted a warning about it.

For those not in the know, young people are finding YouTube videos that show people how to create their braces out of common household goods such as rubber bands, bobby pins, paper clips, or aluminum foil. If you are like most adults, you are probably thinking to yourself, “No good can come from this.” And you would be right.

After reading this article, if you need any further convincing that DIY braces a bad idea, check with your Elk Grove Village orthodontist!

What Makes Young People Turn to Do-It-Yourself Braces—and How Do They Do It?

Some kids feel insecure about problems with their teeth, such as a gap between their front teeth, so they decide to try braces on their own. Many kids are embarrassed to talk to their parents about braces, so they turn to DIY in attempt to fix them on their own.

For example, some kids are using metal earring backs super glued to their teeth to mimic braces. Or they will use rubber bands to wind around their teeth in an attempt to move them. They often find that it begins to feel uncomfortable or painful after just a few days.

Orthodontists are concerned about the potential for injury in these situations. Rubber bands, for instance, can become embedded into the gums. They can also damage the periodontal ligament that holds teeth to the bone, ultimately causing teeth to become loose. Sometimes the damage is expensive to fix—more expensive than orthodontics would have been in the first place. In worst case scenarios, the damage is irreparable.

The Importance of Seeking Professional Orthodontics Treatment

Yes, braces are an investment. But people need to remember that it costs more to fix the damage caused by do-it-yourself braces. Patients who come to Elk Grove Smile Center have a number of options for payment, including a zero-interest, third-party lending company.

If you or a family member needs an Elk Grove Village orthodontist, call us. DIY dental work is never a good idea!