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How Dental Insurance Is Different

November 30, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani
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If you’ve ever needed dental work done by your Elk Grove Village family dentist, you might have expected your dental insurance to cover it. But you likely soon learned that dental insurance doesn’t work the same way as medical insurance.

Dentistry In History

The fact is that dental insurance is different from medical insurance, and it always has been. The reason goes back to dentistry prior to the 1800s when teeth were treated by the same person who cut your hair. Yes, you read that right: the barber.

It might seem crazy, but according to Michael Tischler, DDS, of Dentistry Today, there was a decided disconnect between dentistry and medicine until the mid-1800s. It was only then that dentistry was proposed as an actual medical specialty. Prior to that, you could get a tooth pulled by the same man who shaved your beard.

Medical Care vs Dental Care

According to an article by NBC News, the continued disconnect between medical care and dental care is present for a number of reasons. One clear distinction is the fact that medical care is more about treating problems whereas dental care is more about preventing problems from happening in the first place.

Another reason cited by the article is that most dental problems do not indicate a life-or-death situation. Teeth were considered a “luxury,” and most people lost them at a fairly young (by today’s standards) age.

There are financial reasons as well, including the fact that reimbursement for dental procedures covered under dental insurance has remained fairly stagnant in recent decades.

Importance of Dental Care

Of course, those in the dental industry have come to realize that oral health is related to overall health. Given the fairly recent discovery of the connection between systemic and oral health, the gap between medical care and dental care may begin to narrow.

Regardless of dental insurance status, the best way to go with your oral health is to focus on prevention. Visit your Elk Grove Village family dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings. Call us today to make an appointment!