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How Your Dentist Can Help with TMJ Pain

January 23, 2021
Posted By: Elk Grove Smile Center

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge-like bone that allows your lower jaw to move naturally. It also connects your jaw to your skull. When this joint is functioning properly, you can yawn and chew without pain, and there is no clicking sound when you do so.

When this joint is not functioning correctly, you may notice some or all of the following issues:

  • Clicking sound when yawning or chewing
  • Jaw pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Face pain
  • Headaches
  • Locking jaw

In some cases, dysfunction of this joint can be attributed to bruxism, which means you grind and clench your teeth, most often while sleeping. This can lead to worn teeth, fractures, tooth loss, and more.

TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment in Elk Grove Village, IL

Your dentist can diagnose temporomandibular joint dysfunction (referred to interchangeably as TMJ or TMD) through an exam and x-ray. If you have already been diagnosed, we can also offer treatment in our dental office.

Your Elk Grove Village Dentist can help and has had a lot of success with appliance therapy. These are customized appliances that are always designed to fit comfortably and relieve your pain. The design of your appliance also considers the nature of your TMJ or bruxism. Typically, you wear your appliance during sleep.

When You Should See the Dentist

If you notice signs of bruxism as described above, or if your teeth are wearing down and fracturing, we think it’s time to contact our dental office. If it’s time for your next dental check-up, mention any oral health changes to our dentist.

We are always here to answer any questions you might have about TMJ, bruxism, or dental appliance therapy in Elk Grove Village, IL.

Our goal is to relieve your pain and help you live your best life with a healthy and comfortable smile.