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What to Expect for Your Child’s Smile after Braces

June 29, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani
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Orthodontics treatment is almost a right of passage for many Elk Grove Village adolescents, and both you and your child look forward to the day when the braces come off, and a beautifully straight smile is revealed. While you wait for that day, it’s crucial to be extra-vigilant about oral care once those braces are put on.

Here are some tips for keeping kids’ teeth and gums healthy during those years of wearing braces.

Keep Plaque at Bay

It can be more difficult to brush teeth effectively when teeth are covered in metal wires and brackets; consequently, there is a high risk of developing decay. Food particles can easily become trapped, and if they are not diligently removed.

Be sure your child follows the following steps for taking good care of their oral health:

  • Anything that is removable should be removed before brushing and flossing, including elastics
  • Kids should brush for at least two minutes, two times a day
  • They should take care brushing around brackets and wires using a fluoride toothpaste
  • Waxed floss is easier to manipulate around orthodontics
  • Floss threaders are available to make flossing difficult-to-reach areas easier
  • Rinse thoroughly after brushing and flossing
  • Kids should carefully examine their teeth after brushing and flossing to make sure there are no food particles stuck anywhere

Just because your child is visiting the dentist for orthodontics adjustments, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip regularly scheduled cleaning appointments. In fact, it’s more important than ever to have teeth professionally cleaned to remove plaque that has built up and keep an eye out for developing decay.

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