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3 Reasons to Consider a Smile Makeover with Veneers

June 13, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Vishal Advani
Veneers & Cosmetic Dentistry | Elk Grove Village IL

Is your smile living up to your expectations? Maybe you know it’s time for a change, but you aren’t sure which cosmetic dental treatment is right for you.

Elk Grove Village dentist Dr. Vishal Advani is pleased to offer porcelain veneers to our patients who are tired of living with a less than perfect smile. Veneers are an excellent choice because they completely alter the appearance of a tooth to blend seamlessly with your smile.

Reasons to choose Veneers

We want to present you with the treatment options that are right for you in every way. If you are thinking of making a change, here are three reasons to consider veneers.

  1. Using veneers, we can make a tooth appear shorter or longer. We can fill spaces and reshape a tooth for a more uniform appearance. Since veneers cover your natural tooth, we can even use them to conceal a tooth that is severely stained and resistant to whitening treatment.
  2. Placing veneers is a straightforward procedure that we can complete in as little as two visits to our Elk Grove Village, IL dental office. Dr. Advani has all the skill and training necessary to expertly transform your smile with porcelain veneers.
  3. But we believe that the most important reason to choose veneers is that they will not only change your appearance but also restore your self-confidence. You simply can’t feel good about yourself when you have to hide your smile because of cosmetic flaws. Veneers restore your beautiful smile and help you feel confident when interacting with others.

Smile Makeover in  Elk Grove Village

If you would like to learn more about porcelain veneers and how they can transform your smile, please give us a call! We will be happy to arrange a smile consultation with Dr. Advani to discuss your needs and help you decide if veneers are the right treatment for you.