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Rescue Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy

December 20, 2020
Posted By: Elk Grove Smile Center

Our teeth are the strongest and hardest substances in our bodies. Often mistaken for bones, teeth are living calcified structures comprised of hard and soft tissues. Teeth are a natural wonder; their bone-like, rooted structure is similar to a grove of trees. The outer, hard tissues of our teeth protect the inner, soft tissues just like bark protects a tree’s essential living systems. The tooth’s soft tissues are also living systems, composed of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue.

Like every other living part of our bodies, our teeth are also susceptible to infection and injury. When a tooth is damaged or diseased, the soft tissues are at risk. Years ago, a damaged or diseased tooth was pulled, leaving countless mouths void of their necessary function and structure. 

When a removed tooth is not replaced, the surrounding teeth tend to shift in your mouth. This can make it more difficult to chew, bite, speak, and clean your teeth. However, root canal therapy can save your natural tooth, preventing the need for a costly replacement tooth. 

What does root canal therapy involve?

The root canal is the part of the tooth that houses all the vessels, tissues, and nerves. Dr. Advani uses root canal therapy to treat the root canal by removing the damaged pulp tissue. Once the pulp tissue is removed, the tooth’s root canal is filled with a durable, rubber-like material. Finally, Dr. Advani adds a crown or filling for extra protection, giving you a beautiful, long-lasting smile. 

After root canal therapy, the tooth is dead because the nerves have been removed. Once the tooth is dead, you will no longer experience any pain from that tooth. It’s important to note that although the tooth is dead, it will still look healthy and function properly. A tooth with a root canal filling can last for several years, but only if it’s properly restored, maintained, and cleaned. With root canal therapy, we can help you save your smile. 

How We Can Help

At Elk Grove Smile Center, you can expect high-quality root canal therapy in a welcoming and stress-free environment. Dr. Advani masterfully uses root canal therapy to relieve patients’ pain and eliminate the risk of further oral infection. If you are experiencing severe, persistent pain or sensitivity in your teeth, please call us at (847) 437-3250 to schedule an appointment. Our skilled and compassionate dental team in Elk Grove Village can help you achieve optimal dental health and achieve your smile goals.  

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