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Are at-home whitening treatments bad for me?

There are a lot of teeth whitening options available today for Elk Grove Village patients, and they are generally safe. It is important to follow instructions—particularly if you are woman pointing at her teeth | teeth whitening Elk Grove Village, ILstarting a do-it-yourself whitening treatment.

Check In With Your Dentist

It is advisable to see your dentist first for a full examination and cleaning. Your dentist in Elk Grove Village can treat any problems prior to the whitening process. You can also discuss which over-the-counter whitening option you plan to use. Your dentist can advise you on how much whitening you can expect. Most OTC whitening kits do not produce the bright and white results you will get with a professional whitening treatment. Click here to read more about professional teeth whitening or call our Elk Grove Village dental office if you have further questions. 

It's important to follow the instructions that come with the kit very carefully. Use the strips or gels only for the time recommended. Using them longer opens you up to having sore gums or other problems. Avoid acidic beverages, such as juice or soda, for a few hours after the whitening process to protect your teeth.

Some people experience some teeth sensitivity after they undergo whitening, but this should go away after a couple of hours. If the sensitivity does not go away, it’s a good idea to give your dentist a call.

Keep in mind that if you have porcelain bonding, crowns, or veneers, these will not be whitened by the process.