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What are the benefits of general and preventive dentistry?

Preventive checkups and general dentistry have many benefits. With general dentistry, your Elk Grove Village, IL dentist examines your teeth, provides a periodontal assessment, takes necessary x-rays, and gives you an oral cancer screening. At this appointment, we also clean your teeth professionally, which reduces your risks for cavities and gum disease.

The benefits of preventive dentistry include keeping your teeth and gums healthy and saving you time and money in the future by reducing your risks in the present.

General dentistry has many benefits as well, and the goal is to restore oral health following a diagnosis. It can be anything from a tooth-colored filling to treat a tooth cavity to a root canal to restore a root-infected tooth to health and stability. General dentistry also considers your gum health, restorations, and tooth replacement.

Ideally, if you visit your dentist twice yearly for dental cleanings and examinations, you may reduce the need for general dentistry, also considered maintenance.

We aim to keep your smile healthy and pain-free.

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