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How do night guards treat TMJ?

tmj therapy elk grove village Temporomandibular joint disorder is a complex condition. It can have multiple causes, and treatment may involve require a combination of several methods.

Night Guards to Treat TMJ

One of the methods we may recommend for treatment is a night guard. This treatment may be combined with anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy.

Night guards are effective because they hold the jaw in a neutral position while you sleep to prevent clenching or other strain on the jaw muscles. This allows your joint and your muscles to get a break and reduce the stress and inflammation that causes pain and other TMJ symptoms.

Your night guard will be customized to your own specific needs. Personalized night guards will prevent any accidental changes to the bite or shifting of the teeth. Dr. Advani will consult with you and carefully assess your needs and the course of your treatment. If we feel like treatment is progressing as well as we’d like, we can check whether your night guard is fitting appropriately or if there’s another method of treatment that might be more effective, depending on the causes we can pinpoint behind your TMJ.

Night guards are not the right solution for everybody. If your TMJ is caused by a misaligned bite, we may need to explore treatments that include orthodontics or even surgery.

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