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Will people notice that I have a tooth filling?

There was a time when aesthetic options for filling teeth were limited by the materials we had available. Today, we use modern tooth-colored fillings that allow us to create a conservative repair that preserves more of your healthy tooth structure. Even better, the material is so aesthetic that no one—not even you—will be able to detect where the filling meets your tooth!

If you get a cavity, we need to repair it to prevent the decay from spreading and preserve the tooth structure. Dr. Advani recommends tooth-colored fillings for our Elk Grove Village patients because they do such a beautiful job.

This filling material is a “composite,” or mixture, of glass and resin particles that mimic the luster and translucence of natural dental enamel. Dr. Advani will customize the shade of the material to match existing teeth for a beautiful, seamless repair and a natural appearance. No one will ever notice you’ve had any dental work done!

Another benefit of choosing this type of filling is that the process used helps us preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. Silver fillings require us to create a large space in the tooth, but with composites, we only need to remove its decayed portion. The material is then bonded securely to the tooth structure and set with a curing light.

At Elk Grove Smile Center, we have lots of options for both restoring your health and improving the appearance of your smile. If you think you have a cavity and need a tooth filling, please call our Elk Grove Village dental office to arrange a convenient appointment.