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Does teeth whitening hurt or cause damage?

teeth whitening elk grove village Patients often question whether teeth whitening is safe for their teeth, and we want to assure you that with all the advances made in modern dentistry that today's whitening products are very safe.

Modern-Technology Reduces Sensitivity

Many products containing peroxide-based bleaching ingredients would often cause temporary sensitivity as bleach tends to remove the moisture from your tooth. Today's whitening products contain ingredients, such as fluoride, that help reduce or limit sensitivity when you whiten.

Another issue that occurs during whitening is injury to your gums or soft tissues. This typically happens when trays are ill-fitting and allow excess whitening gel to reach your soft tissues. The result is a burn or temporary injury to your cheeks, lips, or gums. When you choose to whiten at Elk Grove Smile Center, we create custom trays that are based on impressions of your teeth, which are designed to fit snugly and protect your soft tissue from injury. We'll also show you how to safely apply the whitening gel to your trays so you'll be able to whiten comfortably and successfully at home.

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