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Should everyone have their wisdom teeth extracted?

tooth extraction elk grove village ilFor some lucky people, wisdom teeth come in easily and comfortably with very little fuss. If you are one of these people, congratulations! You get to keep your wisdom teeth!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

For many others, however, the process is not so simple. As humans, our bodies are constantly adapting. As our diets changed over the millennia, so have the shapes of our jaws. Today, many of us have jaws that are much smaller than that of our early ancestors – and this means that our wisdom teeth no longer fit comfortably.

What happens instead is that the wisdom teeth may attempt to come in and get “stuck.” As dentists, we call this condition impaction.

Teeth can be partially impacted, which occurs when the tooth breaks through the surface of the gums but doesn’t fully emerge. This condition is associated with swelling and discomfort in the gums and can also leave you more prone to periodontal infections.

Teeth may also be fully impacted. When this happens, the tooth doesn’t break the surface at all and remains lodged in the jaw. This can lead to pressure on your other teeth, changes in bite alignment, and an increased risk of decay.

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Dr. Advani can check the condition of your wisdom teeth and determine whether extraction is the right choice for you.